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Workers of the World, Unite! The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR Countries

With the creation of USSR  on 30 December 1922 to the dissolution on 26 December 1991, the Communist party has ruled one sixth part of the world for sixty-nine years. Vladimir Lenin was the first ruler of USSR , succeeded by Joseph Stalin in 1924. USSR countries were recognized by British Empire on 1st February 1924 and made its first constitution in 1924.

The formation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics happened with the union of these four social republics.

  1. Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR)
  2. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)
  3. Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR)
  4. Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (TSFSR)

Mikhail Gorbachev was the last ruler of these USSR countries.

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Facts About USSR Countries 

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics later dissolved into fifteen independent countries in 1991.Three of the them, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania declared their independence even before the demise of USSR in  September 1991. The basic on USSR countries are here![extra_wrap][sm_hr]

Republic of Armenia

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Republic of Armenia

Armenia is located in between the Black sea and Caspian sea. The soviet Armenia came into the soviet union from  Transcaucasian SFSR . Initially the Armenians enjoyed good privileges from Moscow, then started getting ignored in the era of Joseph Stalin.

With the decline of Soviet Union, Armenians declared their independence on 23 August 1990. Their independence was officially recognized after the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991. [/extra_wrap][extra_wrap][sm_hr]

Republic of Azerbaijan

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Azerbaijan

In 1936, Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic resolved into three socialist republics,  Armenian SSR, Azerbaijan SSR, and Georgian SSR.

Azerbaijan is a first Muslim majority country to had operas and musical theaters in Muslims history. They declared their independence from USSR on 18 October 1991.


Republic of Belarus

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Belarus

Belarus was united into USSR from the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. Belarus was heavily damaged in the world war 2. It declared its independence from Soviet Union on 25th August 1991. 

Belarus was having a declining economic conditions. In 2000, Russian government signed a treaty for the Union State of Russia and Belarus for greater social and economic corporation.[/extra_wrap][sm_hr][extra_wrap]


Republic of Estonia

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries National Flag of Estonia

Estonia is an economically developed country in the Baltic region. The became the part of USSR as Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (ESSR)  in 1940.

Estonia declared its independence from USSR countries on 20th August 1991. Estonia joined European Union in 2004

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Republic 

Georgia was the part of Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. It became Georgian SSR in 1936 with the dissolution of TSFSR. Strong anti communism started here in 1989.

Communist party was badly defeated in the first region multi - party polls. With growing political disputesGeorgia declared its independence from Soviet Union on April 9, 1991


Republic of Kazakhstan

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the Central Asian country. It was the part of Russian SFSR and joined USSR as Kirghiz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic on August 26, 1920. It became Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic in 1936.

With the social and economic problems started from the era of Stalin, Kazakhstan faced severe famines, killings, riots and political hardships. The situations became more tensed with the decision of Soviet Union to test a nuclear bomb in Kazakh territory. Kazakhstan declared its independence on 16 December 1991


Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Republic is also a central Asian Country. Soviet rule was established there in 1919. It was the part of Russian SFSR in the soviet union.  Later in the soviet rule, a Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic was formed in 1936.

Their people had ethnic issues among Kyrgyzs and Uzbeks. But despite of internal political concerns, 88.7% of  people voted for the sustainment of Soviet Union in March 1991.

However, with the demise of USSR countries and increasing pressure from internal political forces, Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic declared its independence as Republic of Kyrgyzstan on 31 August 1991 .

 Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

Republic of Latvia National Flag of Latvia

Latvia is a North European country. It established as a  democratic parliamentary republic in 1918. It became the part of Soviet union in 1940 and got captured by Nazis in 1941. In 1944, it became the part of USSR again as Latvian SSR till its independence.

On 4th May 1990, the Supreme Soviet of Latvian SSR declared their restoration as independent Republic of Latvia. And got its independence on 21 August 1991


Republic of Lithuania

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Lithuania

Lithuania is also a North European country. It was the part of Russian Empire. They got independence on 16 February 1918 after the World War 1. Lithuania became the part of USSR in 1940. Germans occupied this region in 1941.

Lithuania was reunited with the soviet union after the world war 2. As a result of anti communist campaigns, Lithuania declared its separation from USSR countries on 11 March 1990.[/extra_wrap][sm_hr][extra_wrap]

Republic of Moldova

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Moldova

Moldavia is an eastern European country near Ukraine. After  their separation from Russian empire, Moldova has detailed history with Romania  and Bessarabia.

Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was formed in 1924 and became the part of soviet union on 28 June 1940. After being captured by Germans in World War 2. Moldavian SSR.

Severe local riots arises on defining Moldova as a state language. With the huge growth of anti communism here, Moldova stated its independence on 27 August 1991. [/extra_wrap][sm_hr][extra_wrap]

Republic of Tajikistan

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is one of the highly populous and landlocked central Asian countries. After Russian revolution and severe famine in early 1920s, Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was formed as the part of Uzbekistan in 1924.

Tajikistan had the worst social economic conditions among all the social republics of USSR during 1980s. Such situations, collapse of Soviet Union and the public riots leaded to the independence of Tajikistan on 9 September 1991.[/extra_wrap][sm_hr][extra_wrap]

Republic of Turkmenistan

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Turkmenistan

After being separated from the Russian Empire, Turkmenistan became the part of USSR in 1924 as  Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic

Turkmen SSR was the most non chaotic republic of Soviet Union. However with the separation of USSR countries, Supreme Soviet of Turkmenistan also declared its independence from USSR in 1991.


Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Ukraine

Ukraine is an East European country. Soviet Ukraine was the second largest and most economically stable republic of soviet Union after Soviet Russia. Ukrainian SSR became a founding member of United Nations in 1945.

It was a major center of Soviet industry. More than 20% of soviet budget was consumed by Ukraine in 1950s. Many famous people from Soviet Union were belonged to this region.

Ukraine formally announced  their sovereignty  on 24th August 1991,  as an independent state from USSR.

Republic of Uzbekistan

Soviet Union Countries, USSR Countries

National Flag of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a landlocked central Asian country. It was also the part of Russian empire that became the part of Soviet Union in early 1920s. Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic was formed in 1924.

Uzbek SSR declared its independence from  USSR countries as Republic of Uzbekistan on 31 August 1991.


 Russian Federation

Map of Russian Federation, Russian Map

Study in Russia

Today’s Russia was the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic of Soviet Union.  (1917 to 1991). Moscow, was the center of soviet union and the communist party. RSFSR was the largest and most developed part of USSR.

With the dissolution of Soviet Union, public riots and the independence of its republics, RSFSR emerged as the largest sovereign country, Russian Federation on December 25, 1991.

Read more on Russian history here, Or explore our page on about Russia for all other details on Russian Federation.



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