Russian Souvenirs


Russian Souvenirs and Traditional Collections from Russia!

Russian souvenirs are gifts. They are considered special because of Russian traditional, historical or geographical associations. People collect such things as a memory of places they visit. While enjoying your trip to Russia, you will find a lot of amazing stuff for your family and friends back home. Every city , every community has its own specialty and gift item to remind you of your trip to Russia.

Izmailova market of Moscow, is the best market to find  all the beautiful souvenirs, at quite affordable prices. And a must visiting place for all the tourists in Russia!These are the most famous Russian souvenirs and traditional collection from Russia!

Russian Matryoshka Dolls, a must bring back!

Matryoshka Dolls are the most famous Russian Souvenirs from 19th century. Your shopping would remain incomplete if you forget to buy these small wooden dolls, packed into each other.

The famous Russian Matryoshka dolls.

Russian Khokhloma Bowls, Golden without Gold!

Khokhloma bowls are handmade wooden collections. They are designed in black, golden, green and red colors. Khokhloma are famous for their special painting technique. This wooden bowl is given  glossy golden appearance without using real gold for it.

 Assorted Russian wooden toys, kitchen utensils and religious objects

Ghzel, Blue magical pots from Russia

Ghzel are specially made in Russian villages since 14th Century.  Comes in unique shapes with blue folk paintings. Ghzel decorations, tea pots pitchers and other serving items are popular among foreigners as Russian Souvenirs.

Ghzel, Blue magical pots from Russiax

 Russia Bulava, a symbol of power!

Bulava is among a handmade Russian Souvenirs. It is actually a wooden weapon. Its historical roots lie in Ukraine and Kazakhstan since 13th century. It is a symbol of power in Russia, also known as "Shokpar". You will also find some antique collection of small knifes, swords and blades. These weapons depict the ancient war history of Russians.

Special Amber Jewelry Pieces from Russia

Russia has produced more than 90% of amber in the world from Baltic sea. It is found in lot of colors from light golden to dark brown. Amber teething necklaces are famous as a pain reliever for new born.

"aligncenter" width Foreigners purchasing Russian Amber

Mosaics of Malachite and Lapis, Decorations of Russian Gemstones

Malachite is a green color stone. Lapis is a deep blue color beautiful gemstone. Russian have widely used them in their old architectures (Hermitage Museum, Malachite Room of the Winter Palace, Anichkov palace in St. Petersburg). Small jewelry pieces and other mosaic decorations of these colorful stones are an excellent choice for Russian Souvenirs.

Russian stone flower. Stylized photo of flower made of Russian malachite

 Russian Lapti

Lapti are woven and low price bast shoes. Russian farmers used to wear lapti in old times. Now they are mostly used as decorations and presented to visitors.

Russian peasant national shoes

Russian Fur

Russian fur is the best grade fur in world. You will find unique designs of fur coats, shoes and hats with earflaps in every shopping store of Russian Souvenirs.

 Russian Fur is a Famous Russian Souvenir

Russian Vodka and Vintage Glasses

Russian vodka brands like Beluga, Kauffman and Stolichnaya are considered best Russian Souvenirs. They are known for their premium quality and variety of flavors. These bottles and set of vintage designed glasses make a great combination for Russian souvenirs.

 Vodka is the most famous Russian Souvenir

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