The Unique taste and Specialties of Russian Food with most famous Russian Dishes


The Unique taste and Specialties of Russian Food with most famous Russian Dishes

Russian food, famous for its colorful appearance, appealing taste and its festivities, every dish of Russian cuisine is like a work of traditional art!

The progression of Russian food has been very long. It keeps best traditions of the Russian people. Russian cuisine and traditional foods are liked by many foreigners. And they are also adapted by some European parts of the world.

Visiting some traditional Russian restaurants to eat and enjoy Russian recipes will definitely be a wonderful experience for you while your visit in Russia. It will impress you with its colorful appearance, unique compositions and delicious taste.

Lets See why you should give a try to Russian Food!

Traditional Russian Food

Traditional Russian Food

History of Russian Cuisine

One of the interesting things of every nation is its cuisine. Russian food holds ages of legacy, transformed by the old history of this country.

Its history dates back to the 10th century. The old one became really diverse by the 15th century. It was subjected by nature and geographical conditions. The scarcity of the rivers, lakes and forests has produced a marvelous fish, mushrooms and berries which are used in a variety of delicious dishes.

Attractions of Russian Food

Russian food has used vegetables in creating wonderful dishes and recipes which will surely win your favor. Russians are very fond of potatoes. Russian recipes are not much popular in the States, so you need to discover a variety of cultural and traditional Russian dishes by visiting some good cultural restaurants.

Traditional Russian Food

Russian tradition and greetings

Specialties of Russian Cuisine

For centuries Russian cuisine remain intact even though the changes caused by the foreign chefs to the basic cuisine. Normally Russian food has three dishes in a meal. One of them is the meat mixed with vegetables and some grains. Another dish is the seafood with a garnishing of vegetable.

Freshly cooked Russian Dumpling

Freshly cooked Russian Dumpling

Last dish in the Russian meal is the juices or beverages which are important in enjoying the meal. Before a proper meal, starters are giving in Russian meal which can include herring, pickles, salads and vegetables with cream.

One of the most important things in Russian meal is the bread. They specially bake it and their meal remains incomplete without bread.

Popular Russian Foods

Borsch is a dark red colored beef soup. It one of the top rated item in Russian cuisine. Russian pastries having meat, cheese, potatoes and cabbage are also very popular. These pastries are known as Pirozhki.


Freshly cooked Russian Dumpling

Homemade red borsch, Russian

Caviar, a bread is definitely a must try. These recipes will definitely win your heart and you will be searching for them when you came back to your home country from Russia.


Russian pancakes with red caviar

Russian pancakes with red caviar

Blin rolled with cheese, onions and jams is also a very famous food in Russia. Another famous dish is their kebabs known as Shashlyk. 


Russian pancakes with red caviar

Delicious pancakes with berries,chocolate and honey on plate on wooden table


Russian meat shashlyk

Russian meat shashlyk

In Russia, Russian beer and Russian vodka are really very popular.Your entire evening will go wasted if you miss the vodka shot that night!

So, this time give a try to Russian cuisine and let your taste buds enjoy some Russian specialties! Explore more interesting things about Russia here!


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