President of Russia


Vladimir Putin, President of Russia is the supreme commander-in-chief and head of the state.

The Russian government is the executive power in Russia.The president of Russian Federation is the highest ranking official in Russia. Vladimir Putin is the current president of Russia. he is serving third term of his presidency now. He was first elected as prime minister in 1999.

Soon in 2012,Mr. Vladamir became President of Russia. His popularity among nation was very high. This helped him get the presidency of the Russian Federation repeatedly for 4 times since 2012.

Mr. Putin has been regarded as a tough person. He is one of the  famous Russians for being a black belt in judo. He is also an academic scholar. He studied law and got his PhD in economics. He has an interest in the olympics and supports sporting events. He  basically belongs to St. Petersburg.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin

 Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian People Support for Mr. Vladimir Putin

Russian people support Putin’s focus on political power and re-nationalization of Russian gas and oil industry. The Russian president has gained popularity among public and according to a survey conducted in 2005. People believed that the country was more democratic under Putin’s rule.  They also considered that human rights were more productive under Putin’s government.

There are people who consider President of Russia as a smart, strongman and good leader. People also think that without Putin there have been many military problems throughout the world. His hard work and leadership are helping Russia to move towards development and now west is investing in business with Russia. This is opening new ways for Russia to improve its economic situation.

Mr. Putin implemented the concept of religious freedom in Russia. Now all people can follow their beliefs and worship openly. During his presidency, Russia has surely become a better place where people can enjoy and live according to their style.

President of Russian Federation in International World

During the past few years, Mr. Putin has gained high attention of the world. He is often found in international and American headlines of media, increasing his popularity in the world.

Mr. Putin has the highest rating as president of Russia (81%). This is higher than any other president of any country. He has been declared as Person of the year for the year 2007 by Times magazine. In 2008, he was added in the list of top 100 influential personalities in the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin


Mr Putin as a Brand Ambassador

Mr. Putin’s name is used in brands. Such as Putin canned food, Putinka vodka and a number of T-shirts have been branded with his name. President of Russia, Mr. Putin has also won the title of World’s most powerful person as described by Forbes Magazine.

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