The City of Ufa, Russia


Ufa is the 11th most important city of Russia with the population of nearly 1.062 million

Ufa is the capital of Republic of Bashkortostan. Geographically,this city lies in the Eastern European side of Russia. It is 725 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow.

History of Ufa

The history of Ufa dates back to 1574, when Ivan the Terrible built a fortress here to set up a city here.

Mainly the people of the city are orthodox Christians. Muslims comes next largest religious community.Ufa is famous for horse breeding, bee keeping and best quality honey production in the country.

Climate of Ufa

The cities enjoy all the four seasons of nature. The summers are very hot in May to August. Peak temperature even goes to 40C at this time. Its winters also have the complete flavor of chilled climate, reaching to the least of nearly  -15C to nearly -20C in December and January.

Educational Institutes of Ufa

Bashkir State University, State Aviation Technical University and State Petroleum Technological University are the main universities here.

Economy of Ufa

The economy of the city is mainly based on its Petroleum and Mechanical industries. It is not only an economic center of Bashkortostan. But also contributing billions of Rubles towards the economy of Russia.  Its one of the emerging investment center of Russia.

Places to Visit

Cathedral temple of Nativity of Virgin Mary is the most beautiful and most visited orthodox temple of the city. Bashkir State Theatre of Opera and Ballet and the Exposition of Sarmatian Gold are the other popular places to visit here.