The City of Rybinsk, Russia


The City of Rybinsk is the most old settlement of Volga River in Russia

Rybinsk is the second largest city of Yaroslavl Oblast. The city lies at the meeting junction of Volga and Sheksna Rivers. It has a population of nearly 200,771 people. It is the 93rd largest city of Russia (census of 2010). The city has an area of 101.4 km2

This city is nearly 191 miles distant from  Moscow city. The city is known for the reservoir and historical city museum.

History of Rybinsk 

This city wasdiscovered by chroniclers in 1071. It is the oldest settlement on Volga river. Initially the place was named as Ust-Sheksna. Then the name changed to Rybnaya Sloboda and then Rybinsk.

Climate of Rybinsk 

The city has a cold and temperate climate. The average temperature of the city in winters goes up to nearly 14°C. Summers are warm in this city with the average temperature of 24° C. , Rainfall occurs in  up to 590 mm.

Educational Institutes 

The most important university of the city is Rybinsk State Academy of Aviation Technology. State academy of aviation academy is among the top schools of Russia.

Economy of Rybinsk 

Aircraft engine manufacturing and hydroelectric power station are the most important industries of this city. This economy of this ares is mainly dependent on these industries.

Places to Visit

Rybinsk State History, Architecture and Art Museum, Ukhtomsky Memorial House Museum, Local Drama and Puppet Theater are the famous places to visit in this city.

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