The city of Ryazan


Ryazan is a south-eastern city of Moscow, known for its dairy  meat in Russia

The city of Ryazan handles all the administrative affairs of  Ryazan Oblast. City is located in the southeast side of Moscow. City consists of 524,927 people. It is the 31st largest in Russia in terms of population  (estimation of 2010).

Total area of the city is 224.163 km2. It is located on Oka River.

This city is nearly 122.5 miles distant from Moscow city. City is famous for Russian Olympics champion Vasily Alekseyev. Also known for its top quality peat in Russia.

History of Ryazan

City was founded in 1095. Some historians also claim that city was founded in 800 Old name of the city was Pereslavl till 1095. Later on, the name was changed to Ryazan.

Climate of Ryazan

In winters the average temperature stays at -10 ◦C. In summers, it remains between 25 to 29 ◦C.

Economy of Ryazan

This city is highly developed and contributing towards the economy of Russia. Many electronics industries, metal work industries, construction and oil refining companies are present in the city.

City also known for the meat and dairy productions. The land is enriched with many natural minerals like limestone, sand, quartz and many others.

Educational Institutes of Ryazan

State Radio technical University and Higher Paratrooper Command Academy are among the famous universities of the city. There are many colleges and schools also present in the city.

Places to Visit in Ryazan

City Kremlin and Assumption Cathedral are among the famous tourist attractions and people love to see these.