The City of Pskov



Pskov Russia is the old City of Holy dormition Pskov Caves Monastery

This city of Pskov is the administrative hub of Pskov Oblast. It is located on the Velikaya River. The city lies about 20km in  East side of Estonian border. Based on its population, it is ranked at 91st place in Russia. Total numbers of inhabitants in city are 203,279.

This city is nearly 379  miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of City 

Pskov is known as the one of the most ancient cities in Russia.  The city started to develop in the early 9th century.

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Climate of  Pskov

The city has humid continental. More precipitation is recorded in summer and fall as compared to spring and summer. The average temperature in summers is 22 oC while in winters is -8.8 oC.

Educational Institutes of Pskov 

Pskov State University, Pskov Pedagogical University and Pskov State Polytech Institute are the main educational centers in city of Pskov.

Economy of city of Pskov 

The city has industrial unit which takes part in manufacturing of electric equipment for buses, tractors, cars and lorries. Agricultural and dairy products, milk and meat are the other main productions of the region.

Places to Visit 

Clerical Chambers Museum Preserve, Trinity Cathedral, Holy Transfiguration Mirozh Monastery, Monument In memory of the Ledovoe Battle, Pogankin Chambers  are the major tourist attractions of the city.

The ancient historical back ground of Holy dormition Pskov Caves Monastery has made this city famous all around the world.

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