The City of Novorossiysk


City of Novorossiysk is a major oil port of Black Sea Russia.

It is a well-known city in Kransnodar Krai.  This city is also known as Hero City. This city consists of 241,952 people. This city is the 76th largest city of Russia (Population data 2010 ). Total area of the city is 835 km 2.

This city is about 330 miles away from  Moscow city.  It is also the major oil port of Black Sea. Here are the important facts about the city.

History of Novorossiysk

City was founded in 1838.  This place was a Greek colony many centuries back. Those people trade grain from here.

Climate of Novorossiysk

The city has subtropical climatic conditions. Lowest recorded temperature in winters is around -18 C. While in summers, it usually stays close to  25 ◦C.

Educational Institutes of Novorossiysk

Major educational institutes of the city includes Novorossiysk Maritime University and the local branch of  Kuban State University.

Economy of Novorossiysk

Today, this city is highly developed in terms of its production of grains. This is a commercial city of Russian. The region is known for exporting and importing different goods to Middle East, South America and Asia and play vital role in Russian economy .

Places to Visit

There are so many interesting places in city which attract tourist from all over the world such as Malaya Zemlja V Novorossijske Memorial Complex, Observation deck "7 winds" and Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov Museum are the must places to visit on your trip to this amazing city of Black sea.

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