The City of Magnitogorsk


All about the Urals City of Magnitogorsk, Russia

Magnitogorsk is the industrial city of Chelyabinsk Oblast. Total population of this city is around 407,775. It is the 44th largest city in terms of its population.Total area of the city is 392.4 km2. City lies along the Ural River.

This city is nearly 1085 miles distant from  Moscow city.

It is known for its fine and beautiful iron and steel work. The area is also famous for its mining industry from Ural Mountains.

History of Magnitogorsk

It was founded in 1743. Different forts were constructed in 18th century. The region became industrial active after the discovery of different ores. In 20th, rapid developments can be shown in this city. Now, city is advanced in terms of beautiful buildings and developed industries.

Climate of Magnitogorsk

The city has quite warm summers and cold winters. The average temperature drops to about -20 ◦C  in the peak winters of January and February. This reaches to the average peak of 25 ◦C in summers.

Educational Institutes of Magnitogorsk 

State Universities are mainly known for quality higher education in Russia. The prominent higher education institutes of the city are Magnitogorsk State University, State Conservatory and State Technical University.

Economy of Magnitogorsk

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works industry is located in the city. The iron and steel industry of this city is a major contributor towards the economy of Russia.

Places to Visit in Magnitogorsk

The Church of St. Nicholas, The Left Bank Mosque, Vodopad Chudes Aquapark and Temple of Archangel Michael are the famous tourist attractions of the city.