The City of Kemerovo


The City of Kemerovo. The home of Coal, Steel , Aluminum and Chemical Industries in Russia

The city of Kemerovo is the industrial hub and administrative center of Kemerovo Oblast.  This city has the population of  532, 981 people ( Census 2010). This is the 30th largest city of Russia by  population. It is located in the east of Moscow.

Total area of the city is 282.3 km 2. This city is nearly 2279  miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Kemerovo

City was founded in 1918. Shcheglovo was the old name of the city. In 1932, this name was changed to Kemerovo.

Before the establishment of city, many villages were present near this region. With the passage of time, these villages were emerged in the city.

Climate of the City

The city has extreme climate conditions. Recorded lowest and highest  temperature is -50 ◦C  and 48◦C in the city.

The average temperature stays at around 27 to 29 ◦C  in summers. And  about -10 to -12◦C in winters.

Economy of Kemerovo

This city has heavy industries such as coal mining industry, steel industry, aluminum industry and chemical industries. The economy depends highly on these local industries.

Educational Institutes 

Kemerovo State University and State Art Institute are the main local higher education institutes of the city.

Tourist Attractions of Kemerovo

Krasnaya Gorka Museum Preserve, Kuzbass Operetta Theater and  Regional Museum of Local Lore are major tourist attractions of the city.