The City of Izhevsk


The City of Izhevsk  Defense and Engineering Industry of Russia 

Izhevsk is the capital of Udmurt Republic of Russia. It is situated along the River Izh and has a population of nearly 627,734 and the area of nearly 317 Km. sq, this is also 19th largest city of Russia and largest city in Udmurt Republic.

It is nearly 602 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow.

History of Izhevsk

This city has its earliest foundation in 5th century.  Ironworks started here in the 18th century. In the start of 19th century, Emperor Paul founded the first arms factory of the city.

Ustinov was the old name for this city.

Climate of Izhevsk 

The climate of the city is usually a humid one with long and cold winters while the summers stay warm. The lowest recorded temperature in winters is -47C. The highest recorded temperature in summers is 37C.

Educational Institutes of Izhevsk

The education in the city is relatively affordable and the city is well-known as a scientific and cultural center. Izhevsk State Technical University and  Udmurt State University are at the top of all.

Economy of Izhevsk

The economy of city  is dependent on its defense and engineering industry. Today it is among the country’s most important economic centers. Its is also known as Armory Capital of Russia because of  its arsenal productions.

Places to Visit

There are so many interesting and historical  places in city, such as  Kalashnikov Museum, State Russian Drama Theater, Exhibition Complex of Small Arms, St. Micheal’s Cathedral  and the pond is among the most well-known  tourist spots of the city.