The City of Bryansk, Russia


Bryansk is the 41st largest city in terms of population

This city is the central hub of Bryansk Oblast. This city is located in the southeast side of Moscow. Total population of the city is 415,721.Total area of Bryansk oblast is 230 km2. City is located on the bank of Desna River.

This city is nearly 238 miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Bryansk Russia

Some historians say that it was founded in 985 where, some say that it was founded in 1146. Different battles were fought in this region. The old name of the city was Debryansk.

Climate of Bryansk Russia

Temperature of the city is high in summers. It is around 38 ◦C in the peak of June and July months. The winters are less cold as compared to the other cities of Russia.Average low temperature in winters is  -3.5 ◦C.

Educational Institutes of Bryansk 

Many universities are present in the city. Most prominent ones are Bryansk State Engineering and Technological Academy and Bryansk State Agricultural Academy.

Economy of Bryansk 

This city started to emerge as trading center in 17th century. The city is  known for its  steel and machinery manufacturing industries. Transportation machinery is made here. Freight cars, Engines , Motor graders etc.This city is famous for highly developed railway transportation system. 

Places to visit in City 

There are many worth watching places in this city. The Immortality Hill, Saint-Pokrovsky church built and A.K.Tolstoy Park-Museum are among the famous tourist attractions of the city. It is also famous because of the regional drama theater.