The City of Rostov on Don, Russia


Facts about Rostov on Don! The 10th largest city of Russia

Rostov on Don is a main port city of Sea of Azov in Russia. The city is known for its agricultural productions and trades. This city is a vital player in the national GDP and economy of Russia!

Rostov on Don  is a beauty lying with the Don River! With many educational institutes, historical and modern places to visit, it is the 10th largest city of Russia.

Given are all the important facts about  Rostov on Don  you need to know!

About the City of  Rostov on Don

    • Rostov on Dov was founded on 15th December 1749.
    • The area of the city is 350km2
    • It has the population of 1,089,261  people. 10th largest in Russia!
    • This city is nearly  670 miles distant from  Moscow city.
    • There are many markets for fresh fish.
    • Embankments on the bridges of the Don River are famous.

of Rostov on Don

    • A custom house was established in 1749 on the Temernik River to have a control on trade with Turkey.
    • Russian Commercial and Trading Company of Constantinople was founded in 1756.
    • Heavy industry developed in the 19th century.

Geography of Rostov on Don

    • The city lies near Don River and 20 miles close to the Sea of Azov.
    • The geographical location is such that it joins  regions of Central Russia with Transcaucasia and North Caucasus.

Administration of  Rostov on Don

    • It is the administrative center of Rostov Oblast.
    • Is has the municipal status as  Rostov-Na-Dene-Donu Urban Okrug.

Education in Rostov on Don

    • This city has many universities, secondary schools and academies, vocational training colleges, technical schools, and elementary schools.
    • Rostov State University of Economy, Don State Technical University, Rostov State University of Transport Routes (The Railway Engineers' University are the main educational institutes of the city. 

Places to Visit in Rostov on Don

    • The famous places to visit in the city are Don River lookout, Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin, Rostovchanka statue and Maxim Gorky Park.

Economy of Rostov on Don

    • The location of the city favors trade based crossroads that promoter economic development.
    • The city is the main agricultural region.
    • The city is a major chipping lane that connects North with Southwestern Russia.
    • The city is one of the main ports for trading with Italian, Greek and Turkish merchants.
    • Wheat, oil and wool are the main traded items of the city.
    • The agricultural output has more than one-third of sunflower oil production.

City of Rostov on Don is a wonderful place to visit and exploring the investment opportunities in international trade markets.