City of Chelyabinsk, Russia


Facts about Chelyabinsk ! The 9th largest city of Russia

City of Chelyabinsk lies on the border of Asian and European regions of Russia. It is the 9th largest city of Russia (By population).  Close vicinity to the Ural Mountains and the most important industrial region of Yekaterinburg has made it an important center of industrial investments in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Here are the important facts about Chelyabinsk for you!

About the City of Chelyabinsk

    • The area of the city is 530km2
    • More than 1,130,132 people are living in the city.
    • The time of the city is two hours ahead of Moscow Standard time.
    • 13th September is the day of Chelyabinsk.

History of Chelyabinsk

    • The fortress of Chelyabinsk was built on Bashkir village of Chelyaby for protection of the city against the Bashkirs.
    • The city turned into a trade center in 1900 with the construction of Trans-Siberian Railway.
    • By the year 1917, the city had more than 70,000 inhabitants.

Geography of Chelyabinsk

    • Chelyabinsk is located on the eastern slope of South Urals.
    • The city is located at the border that connects Asia and Europe.
    • Mountainous and fluvial areas are the representation of an imaginary border of Asia and Europe. The mountainous area covers almost 530km. The fluvial area covers almost 200km along the Ural Ridge. 
    • This city is nearly  1135 miles distant from  Moscow city.

Administration of the City

    • It is the capital of Chelyabinsk Oblast.
    • It is incorporated as Chelyabinsk Urban Okrug as a municipal division.

Education in Chelyabinsk

    • South Ural State University and Chelyabinsk Medical Academy are the main educational institutes of the city.
    • One of the oldest institutions is State Argo engineering Academy which was founded in the year 1930.

Economy of Chelyabinsk

    • This city is one of the major industrial centers in Russia and plays a vital role towards the economy of Russia.
    • This region has large resources of minerals and there are many mineral processing industries in the region.
    • Metallurgy and military machines, tractor plants, electrified plants, rube rolling plants, forge and press plants are the main revenue generating industries for the city.
    • The region is also known for coal and iron production.

Tourist Attractions in Chelyabinsk

    • The city has abundant natural sightseeing which attracts tourists. Numerous mountains are there that end up in attractive ridges and valleys.
    • People love to come and enjoy swimming and fishing in Ural lakes.
    • Resorts and Spas along the Lake of Turgoyak, Uvildi, Bolshoi Kisegach, and Chebarkul are the famous among tourists. Deepest lakes of the region reach the depth of more than 30-40 meters.


    • Museum of Regional Studies, The Popular Street Pedestrian Street Kirovka, Glinka Opera & Ballet Theater, and Yu. Gagrin Central Park of Culture and Recreation are the most visited city attractions.

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